The Travels of Marco Yolo: Blazing Trails where Marco Polo Feared to Go

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Hitch-hiking along Malaysia's Federal Highway with one exponent of each of the nation's ethnic groups. Hanging out with ISIS-affiliated black metallers in Bangladesh. Surviving flash floods on the flanks of Tibet. Camping on the shores of the world's biggest lake in Siberia. Getting lost on Nepal's less popular hiking trail without a map. Visiting illegal cockfighting pits in Bali's underworld. Chasing a lysergic slice of Buddhist hell in northern Thailand. Assessing the state of gender roles in Tajikistan through a cow's teats. Riding with death in Mongolia. Mingling with the sons of headhunters along the India-Myanmar border. It may all sound bonkers, but it's all in a day's work for travel writer Marco Ferrarese, a guru of the 'You Only Live Once' life mantra. Craving your way out of the rat race? Follow Marco Polo's illegitimate 21st-century punk rock son as he burns 28 hair-raising trails through the darkest, less-trodden fringes of Asia. Because if you only live once, you'd better make it count. 'Marco travels the way I like to travel, and to the kind of places I like to travel. But with a taste for the unplanned and unexpected, he manages to find fresh angles other travel writers miss. This ragged collection of road tales is well worth your time'.Joe Cummings Veteran travel writer and author of the seminal Lonely Planet guide to Thailand.'I can't say I've ever come across a foreign correspondent quite like Marco Ferrarese. He's a real-life punk rocker with a sharp eye for detail and, even more important, a genuine respect for the hopes and aspirations of Southeast Asia. Marco doesn't just tell the stories in this book. He lives them'.Nathan ThornburghPublisher, Roads & Kingdoms - from Amzon 
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